TAGA Online

Online scheduling system for a guitar school in Tokyo

A guitar school in central Tokyo with around 300 students was having difficulty with their scheduling system. They had previously relied on Google Calendar, but found that the school had grown to such a number that they had trouble finding an efficient way to display teachers and students' schedules. Additionally, there was no system in place to handle rescheduling; as such, the school was constantly inundated with rescheduling requests, wasting the time of the administrative staff.

With these problems in mind, I set out to create TAGAOnline, a system for the school that could be used by admin staff, teachers and students. Now, the administrative staff can navigate lessons much easier, teachers can view their own private schedules and students are able to reschedule their lessons with any teacher and at any time they wish.

The site is currently in use by The American Guitar Academy in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Key features:

  • Rescheduling system for students. Students are able to reschedule their own lessons with any teacher. The system ensures that their chosen lesson does not clash with another students' lessons, as well as several other checks.
  • Teachers can view their own private schedules, updated to reflect any changes.
  • Admin staff can perform standard CRUD operations for lessons using a clean and intuitive interface.
  • Search function to find a student and their corresponding lessons. The system also informs the staff if the student has missed their last 3 lessons.
  • Automatic emails for both students and admin staff when a student makes a reschedule.