Task Usagi

Clone site of popular Taskrabbit website for a Japanese market

Task Usagi is a clone of the popular Taskrabbit site. The difference here being that it is catered for services for residents in Japan. In particular, I made it with foreigners in mind who cannot speak Japanese and require the services of natives to assist them with certain day to day tasks.

The creation of the site was mostly straightforward, though it was the first time I had experimented implementing AJAX calls within Django (used for scheduling). It was also my first time to use AWS, which I found to be a bit challenging but I could definitely see its usefuless in further projects.

I plan to extend the site further in the future with a custom message system and notifications.

Key features:

  • Customized auth system for taskers and task seekers
  • Simple scheduling system that ensures tasks are booked correctly
  • Redis for tracking reviews and task counts
  • AWS S3 hosting for static assets
  • Styled with Bootstrap 4 and custom CSS