Simple E-commerce website for study purposes

TREN-D is a mock E-Commerce clothing site. E-commerce sites are notoriously difficult to code from scratch, so I figured it would be an excellent oppurtunity to push myself and learn a few new skills.

There were definitely many, many things I learnt while creating this project which made me appreciate the difficulty of creating an e-commerce solution from scratch. Nonetheless, I can say that I'm proud of the final product. It obviously can't match better made solutions out there, but I got the chance to learn a lot of new skills (Redis!) and really push myself.

Key features:

  • Cart functionality using sessions
  • Custom code for search/sort/filter functionality
  • Most popular items displayed on product page, using Redis
  • Recommended Item functionality also using Redis
  • Styled with pure html5/css/javascript; no external libraries used.