Webdev News

News aggregation site for web developers

At my current workplace, myself and the other engineers often post useful web developer related news that we find to our slack channel. However, once the news gets posted and read it more or less becomes lost over time.

From this I got the simple idea to create a news aggregation site that we could use to keep all of our posts together that we could find easily again if we wanted to. I included filters as well to make it more simple to find relevant topics. There are only three at the moment, but more filters could definitely be included.

The site includes full authentication using tokens, "light" social media features (likes, avatars), and a leaderboard that keeps track of who is contributing most (redis)

A fun site to build, and also my first crack at using React.

Key features:

  • Token based Authentication.
  • "Light" social media features. Users can upload their own avatar and like other contributers' posts.
  • Users can add a post and add any appropriate tags, in addition to deleting their own posts.
  • Uses a python library under the hood to fetch relevant OG information and render images and description accordingly.
  • Leaderboard using Redis that shows the top posters.